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September 18th, 2011

New To The Fair, First Time Vendor Gets Ready

As final preparations are underway for the opening of the State Fair, there are a handful of food vendors for whom this year will be their first experience.

September 18th, 2011

Minnesota State Fair’s top 5 best new foods

These moon-shaped pockets offer a lovely, flaky crust containing cinnamon-coated apple chunks that are neither too sweet nor covered with icky canned pie filling goo.

July 18th, 2011

State Fair to feature Rogers restaurant

It may not be food on a stick, but Libby Atsidakos hopes her Minneapple Pie will stick in the minds of Minnesota State Fair goers this year.
The flavorful deep-fried apple pie is gaining in popularity, evident in being picked up as one of the Minnesota Twins stadium foods.

June 20th, 2011

The Minneapple Pie at Minne’s Diner in Rogers

When a restaurant changes its name, logo, and decor to reflect a signature item on its menu, you better hope that dish is extraordinary. For the Atsidakos family, that dish is the Minneapple Pie, a deep-fried, individual apple pie that inspired their Rogers restaurant to shift from the Cottage Grill to Minne’s Diner this spring.
“We never thought the Minneapple Pie would do so well we’d change the name of the restaurant,” laughs George Atsidakos, who runs the diner along with his mother Libby, father Andy, and sister Joanne

May 11th, 2011

Minneapple Pie served in Uptown

Uptown is quite possibly one of the most URBAN areas in the entire great state of Minnesota. By definition, it functions almost as its own mini-city, and is certainly one of the liveliest communities in the Twin Cities METROPOLITAN area. Bordered by 28th Street to the north, Dupont Street to the east, 31st Street to the south, and Lake Calhoun to the west—its heart is located where Hennepin Avenue and West Lake Street intersect.

April 22nd, 2011

Rogers restaurant takes
Minneapple pie to Target Field

“Baseball and apple pie, what’s more American than that?” asks George Atsidakos, owner of the Cottage Grill in Rogers.
This classic phrase is what Atsidakos was banking on when he pitched his restaurant’s signature dish, the Minneapple Pie, to Target Field administrators.

According to Atsidakos, they loved the idea, and now Rogers residents can taste a little slice of their hometown when they hit the ball field to see the Twins play. The Minneapple Pie can be found at the State Fair Stand at Target Field.

April 22nd, 2011

Twins unveil new line-up:
Minneapple Pie makes the cut

What’s hotter than a turtle on the Hennepin Bridge in July, tastier than a ’67 Nova, and sweeter than the fishing opener? This season, you can find the answer at Target Field. Yesterday, the Twins (@MinnesotaTwins) tweeted: “It’s not Jim’s Apple Pie. It’s Minnie-Apple Pie” to announce that Cottage Grill’s Minneapple Pie has been added to the concession-stand roster.

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