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State Fair to feature Rogers restaurant

July 18th, 2011

Star News

It may not be food on a stick, but Libby Atsidakos hopes her Minneapple Pie will stick in the minds of Minnesota State Fair goers this year.

The flavorful deep-fried apple pie is gaining in popularity, evident in being picked up as one of the Minnesota Twins stadium foods.
Minneapple Pies are becoming so successful, the Atsidakos family decided to change the name of their restaurant from Cottage Grill to Minne’s Cafe, using the Minneapple theme.
George Atsidakos, Libby’s son, says the family has worked hard to get into the Minnesota State Fair the past couple of years with no success.
In fact, the family was not given much hope of getting into Minnesota’s Great Get-Together this year or in the near future.
That changed quickly last week, when state fair officials called to say Minneapple Pies were in.
It took the Atsidakoses by surprise.
Now they must scramble to make enough of the deep-fried pies to meet State Fair demand, which has the potential to outsell restaurant, county fair and Twins stadium sales combined.
Libby says it is a daunting task, but one they will figure out.
The Minneapple Pie booth will be located on Judson Avenue near Underwood Street, close to the Dairy Building.

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